British Airways 747 sets record for subsonic flight from new York to London

On Saturday night, the British Airways 747 set a new record for the fastest subsonic flights between new York and London. We would say that the travellers were lucky, but they didn't even have time to digest the "dinner" before the flight attendants started handing out the "Breakfast".

Details: the BA112 made it from new York to London in 4 hours and 56 minutes - 1 hour and 38 minutes ahead of its scheduled arrival and 17 minutes faster than the previous record holder, the Norwegian plane in 2018. The plane reached a top speed of 825 mph on its 3,450-mile trip.

Do you want to know how it happened? It's not magic, but it's close: a jet stream provided by Ciara. A winter storm that hit Europe with wind speeds of up to 93 mph, leading to flight and a Premier League match between Manchester city and West ham being canceled.

More air-travel facts:

  • New York-London is not the fastest transatlantic flight. For example, an Aer Lingus plane flew from Boston to Dublin in 4 hours and 49 minutes that night.

  • It is important to note "subsonic" when it comes to recording. In 1996, the Concorde supersonic plane took off from new York to London in two hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds.


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