Amazon's Ridiculous Holiday Quarter: By the Numbers

$87.4 billion: Revenue that beat estimates. 

$3.3 billion: Net income that beat estimates.

798,000: Amazon’s global headcount after it added over 250,000 part and full-time employees over the holiday season. That's more than the population of Vermont. 

150+ million: The number of Prime subscribers, up from 100 million in April 2018.  

Four: After Amazon’s 11% stock surge in after-hours trading, it will eclipse $1 trillion in market cap today. There will be four public U.S. companies worth at least $1 trillion (the others are Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft). 

$93 billion: The market cap of UPS at the close yesterday. We only mention it because Amazon’s market cap rose more than $110 billion after it reported earnings.

Bottom line: Amazon’s heavy investments in shipping paid off during the holiday.


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