Alphabet’s Tidal moonshot fish monitoring technology will improve world food supply

Alphabet introduced Tidal, a Division X moonshot project aimed at improving the ocean’s life-supporting capabilities whilst also assisting in solving world hunger ethically and sustainably. Tidal introduces new technology to showcase various events happening under water. Such tech also has an ecological value for fish farmers that can will be able to run and grow their operations better, as per Tidal General Manager Neil Davé: ”Humanity is pushing the ocean past its breaking point, but we can’t protect what we don’t understand”.

To succeed at this goal, Tidal introduced an underwater camera system that utilizes AI techniques to track and monitor multiple amounts of individual fish’ behaviour that is, in fact, not visible to farmers globally. Various electrical components were included to withstand the low temperature and high pressures levels of the ocean’s salt water environment.

Potential behavioural and environmental data include eating behaviour, temperature and oxygen levels, which farmers can use to make better decisions during fishing procedures. A healthier fish requires less antibiotics, a concern amongst environmentalists.

The project was fully operational for the last 3 years, according to a report from the Financial Times, with Tidal cameras deployed in various places around Europe and Asia to help monitor fish species like salmon and yellowtail. “There may be an opportunity there to relieve some pressure on wild fishing if we made aquaculture very compelling from an operational and environmental perspective,” says Davé.

”Fish have a low carbon footprint relative to other sources of animal protein and they play a critical role in feeding 3 billion people today,” continues Davé, “so helping fish farmers could prove critical both for humanity and for the health of the ocean.”


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